1-day Hands-on Multi-Mode Inlets (MMIs) & Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTVs)


This training course focuses on the different sample introduction and injection techniques that can be used with Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTVs), Multi-Mode Inlets (MMIs), Cooled Inlet Systems (CIS) and Universal Injection Systems. The course will cover hot versus cold split and splitless injections; cool on-column injection (COC); large volume injection (LVI); thermal desorption; pyrolysis; and in-liner derivatisation injection techniques. This is a generic course for these advanced inlets that is applicable to many different manufacturers, including GL Sciences OPTIC, GERSTEL CIS, Thermo PTVs, Varian PTVs, Agilent PTV & MMI, Shimadzu OCI/PTV and JAS UNIS.
For the full course description visit the course website page 1-day Hands-on Multi-Mode Inlets (MMI) and Programmable Temperature Vapourisers (PTV).

Aimed at: 
Analysts with good experience of GC or GC-MS