Trainer & Consultant Richard Stokes Admitted as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry

Trainer and Consultant Richard Stokes has been admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, in recognition of his work in the chemical sciences.

This Autumn, Richard is celebrating 3 years at Anthias Consulting and almost 25 years in chemistry.

Richard is a Chartered Chemist with over 20 years hands-on experience in GC-MS and other analytical methodologies.

During the past 3 years, Richard has delivered 781 days of training and consultancy to scientific end-users from around the world, across a range of industries and applications.

This has included presenting Anthias Consulting’s scheduled courses at The Open University; delivering hands-on instrument and technique training using multiple instruments across all manufacturers. These courses provide the fundamental theory along with practicals in the laboratory covering method development, maintenance and troubleshooting. Richard has also delivered tailored, onsite training to clients across the UK and in the Middle East.

Richard has a keen interest in 'method miniaturisation', the squeezing of as many instrumental and analytical parameters as possible to optimise efficiency. One such technique is Large Volume Injection (LVI) which has proved robust and effective at reducing water extractions to the same scale as soil ones. To find out more about method miniaturisation, see the Tech Tips and for training in LVI see the Hands-on Large Volume Injection (LVI) training course.

You can find Richard on the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Directory of Consultants and Connect with Richard on LinkedIn.