Absolute Basics of Chemometrics

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Course summary

  • Duration: 1 day for face-to-face course | Total of 6.5 hours over 2 days for Virtual Classroom course
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Course type: Generic, applicable to all instrumentation and disciplines
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face OR online via live video, with demonstrations
  • Scheduled course venue: The Open University | Other venues | Virtual Classroom
  • Online/onsite/in-house/offsite availability: Arrange this course just for you
  • Scheduled course price: £250 + VAT per delegate
  • Course discount: RSC and CAMS members receive a discount on this course*

What will you learn on this course?

This course provides an overview of the history, development and current use of chemometrics in fields such as clinical, environmental, flavour and fragrance and biotechnology applications and its use in method development.

The course opens with a "walk-though" summary of the workflows in a chemometrics study, as an example, and goes on to outline the considerations when designing a chemometrics experiment or study including sampling and quality control, metadata and sample preparation techniques.

The course will provide an overview of different Mass Spectrometry-based instrumentation and other techniques (such as NMR and Infrared) that produce data used for chemometric analysis.

The course covers data processing and statistical analysis including worked examples using data analysis software. This section will cover processing and preparation of mass spectrometry data and will give an overview of Multivariate Statistical Analysis techniques for Biomarker Discovery, Environmental Analysis, Flavour and Fragrance Analysis and in Method Development. It will go through the different chemometric techniques, methods and tools used for creating and mapping data and includes an overview of the various commercial and freeware software tools available.

The final part of the course goes on to explore the frontiers of chemometrics and advancements in the field.

This course is ideal either as stand-alone or prior to attending the 4-day Data Analysis for Chemometrics (Agilent MassHunter with GeneSpring Mass Profiler Professional) course.

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners - those new to Chemometrics.
  • Analysts, Data Analysts or Technicians looking for a refresher in this technique.
  • Lab Managers and Line Managers - those who are responsible for the data or the analysts performing data analysis.
  • Report Writers - technical specialists who aren't performing the data analysis but are using the results.
  • Service Engineers and Consultant Engineers - those who install the software or recommend the use of this technique but don't have the background.
  • Those involved in the Sales or Marketing of the software or the technique for sample data analysis - e.g. manufacturers, contract labs, media companies.

Course presenter: this course will be taught by Chemometric specialist Dr Simon Thain.

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Feedback from previous attendees of Face-to-Face course

"(I enjoyed the) friendliness, knowledge of presenter."  Matthew Reid, Afton Chemical (July 2019).

"(I enjoyed the) explanation of topics, knowledge of presenter. [Most useful topic:] Relating PCA to real world examples."  (July 2019).