Training for Beginners

What is beginner level training?

We offer the following courses which provide an introduction for complete beginners to these analytical techniques. To attend these courses you do not need to have any background in the technique, chemistry or even in science.

Attendees gain a firm foundation in the techniques by learning about how the technique works, the instrumentation used, and gaining an overview of the function and operation of each component of the instrument.

The types of samples which can be analysed are also covered, along with the different sampling techniques available and considerations when preparing samples. Beyond the instrumentation, each course discusses why the technique is used and the answers it can give, looking at qualitative and quantitative data analysis, to give a full picture. The courses review different industries and their applications of each analytical technique, using each as a case study to apply knowledge learned throughout the course.

Previous attendees include PhD students, service engineers, sales and marketing personnel. People wishing to have a classroom based refresher course also frequently attend these courses.

For those with no prior experience of the analytical technique, we recommend attending the absolute basics course before attending more involved intermediate courses.

Courses for beginners

Absolute Basics of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

Absolute Basics of Anion Exchange Chromatography (AEC)

Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS

Absolute Basics of HPLC & LC-MS

Absolute Basics of Elemental Analysis

Absolute Basics of Deconvolution

Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF

Absolute Basics of Ion Chromatography (IC)

Absolute Basics of Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

Absolute Basics of Chemometrics

Absolute Basics of Metabolomics

Absolute Basics of Physical & Structural Properties of Molecules

As well as teaching the above courses both onsite and offsite, we can give tailored and bespoke training and consultancy at any experience level.