Virtual and Onsite Instrument Purchase Support

*Despite travel restrictions due to COVID-19, we can still support you with Virtual Consultancy.*

Before buying a product, many potential customers would like to see it 'in the flesh' first - to see the hardware working, have a tour of the software, understand the consumable items and maintenance needed, maybe even analyse some of their own samples to ensure it easily gives the correct results for their application.

We can help you:

  • To get the right balance of information, crucial in the decision making process of whether to purchase or not, in the time available.
  • By giving independent advice on the best techniques for an application and help determine if a particular instrument will give the performance required for that application.
  • To determine what you can expect or what you should expect when attending an instrument demonstration.
  • To ask the right questions, what to look for and where to probe to ensure you have the whole picture of the system and what is involved with its set-up, optimisation and running before making that decision.
  • Review the proposal to ensure all the relevant parts and consumables have been included.
  • If you are thinking about purchasing, whether it is a whole new solution or an instrument hardware or software add-on to an existing system, then we can help you to select the system that is right for the application and the environment in which that system will be used, hopefully for the rest of its life.

We can provide support in a number of ways:

  • Face-to-face live video, telephone and email support from our office.
  • Onsite support.
  • Then looking to the future with onsite, offsite or virtual classroom training.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.