Gas Chromatography

A technique used to resolve a mixture of compounds for the purpose of identification and quantitation. Suitable for compounds that are capable of generating a vapour pressure when heated to a temperature of up to 400°C.  Separation is affected by the interaction between a solid or liquid stationary phase and a gaseous mobile phase. For very volatile compounds, separation is essentially a physical process, for semi-volatile compounds, polarity or chemical separation becomes more of a contribution.

Gas Chromatography Training Courses

We offer universal GC & GC-MS training applicable to any manufacturers' instrumentation, this can be hands-on in the laboratory or classroom-based. Our manufacturer-specific training courses focus on a specific manufacturer’s hardware and software.

Many of our training courses are approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), look for the RSC approved logo.

Universal laboratory-based, hands-on training courses:

Universal classroom-based training courses:

Manufacturer-specific training courses: