Our Clients and Customers

We deliver training and consultancy to a wide range of customers:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers for whom we provide customer education training and consultancy, instrument demonstrations and applications development.
  • Academic institutions and individual companies for whom we provide theoretical, hardware and software training plus applications support, method development and troubleshooting.
  • We service many locations globally, including clients from the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA and Brazil.
  • These analytical techniques are used in most industries and we work with clients from the pharmaceutical, personal care, health, forensics, defence, food, flavours and fragrances, marine, agriculture, space science, chemical, chemical engineering, petrochemical, energy, consumer products, automotive, environmental and manufacturing industries.
  • We work with a people in a diverse range of roles, including: lab managers, analysts, lab technicians; professors, lecturers, research fellows, PhD and MSc students; service engineers, technical sales, marketing associates,... all with a wish to know more about chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy and associated techniques, from a very basic understanding to an indepth, advanced level.

Based in Cambridgeshire, UK, we provide training and consultancy services to multi-national corporations, small independent laboratories and academic institutions across the following regions: