GC & GC-MS Troubleshooting and Maintenance Training

Learn to perform maintenance on the areas of the GC, GC-MS and sample preparation instruments and when to recognise when they require maintenance.  Efficient and effective troubleshooting is an art, learn the logical steps in instrument troubleshooting and the cause of the problems.  

We have specific hands-on and classroom-based training courses in troubleshooting and maintenance:

Classroom-based training

This course includes practicals in column trimming and troubleshooting chromatograms, even though it is classroom-based.  This course is available as a scheduled course as well as being taught both onsite and offsite, tailored or bespoke.  

           GC & GC-MS Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Specific hands-on practical training

These courses include 50% practical exercises in the laboratory, with a maximum of 4 delegates and are available as scheduled courses as well as being taught both onsite and offsite, tailored or bespoke.

           Hands-on GC Maintenance

           Hands-on GC-MS Maintenance

           Hands-on GC & GC-MS Troubleshooting

Non-specific maintenance and troubleshooting training

All of our Comprehensive hardware courses include maintenance and troubleshooting training embedded with the theory.  These courses include practical exercises in the laboratory and have a maximum of 6 delegates.

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Please contact us for further training and consultancy on maintenance and troubleshooting.