UK and Ireland

We work with a large range of customers in our home country, the UK, approximately half of whom attend our scheduled courses whereas the other half prefer onsite training and consultancy.

On average, we give onsite training and consultancy to our customers in Ireland on a monthly basis, as it is only a short hop from our local airport, Stansted. Delegates from Ireland also attend our scheduled courses on a regular basis.


Feedback from our clients and customers:

Kieran Kilcawley - Principal Research Officer, Teagasc

"Diane's knowledge around the whole area of gas chromatography is immense. Her enthusium for the subject area is infectious and her ability to explain different aspects of hardware and software is excellent. We have used Anthias Consulting from basic to advanced GC training and have been very impressed. I would gladly recommend her."

Lara Kelly - Sales Coordinator - Agilent, Markes International

"We have collaborated with Diane on a number of projects both in our own instrument developments and for ongoing customer education. Diane has a wealth of knowledge on a broad range of GC-MS applications and her ability to deliver this knowledge to people of varying abilities if extremely valuable."

Simona Nicoara - Research Associate, The Open University

"Diane is a a remarkable expert in gas chromatography- mass spectrometry equipment, and she masters the deepest 'secrets' of a wide range of analytical instrumentation. She is a fantastic, results oriented trainer in multiple analytical methods."