Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry: How Do I Get the Best Results?

Authors: Diane C Turner, Mathias Schäfer, Steven Lancaster, Imran Janmohamed, Anthony Gachanja, Jason Creasey

Available now from the RSC bookshop.

A practical reference guide for analysts at all experience levels.

The book provides practical guidance from the first steps of how to apply the technique of GC-MS from collecting and preparing samples to designing and validating methods, analysing results and troubleshooting.

The book is packed with clear advice, rules of thumb and step by step guides. Coloured images along with case studies and examples throughout bring the theory to life.

Chapter 1 Sample Collection & Preparation: How Do I Get My Sample Ready for GC-MS Analysis?
Chapter 2 How Do I Introduce My Samples into the GC Column?
Chapter 3 Chromatographic Separation
Chapter 4 How Do I Detect My Analytes?
Chapter 5 Mass Analysis
Chapter 6 What is Qualitative Analysis and How Do I Perform it?
Chapter 7 Basic Aspects of Mass Spectra Interpretation
Chapter 8 What is Quantitative Analysis and How Do I Perform it?
Chapter 9 How do I Maintain My GC-MS?
Chapter 10 How do I Troubleshoot a Problem on My GC-MS?

Available now from the RSC bookshop.