Applied GC & GC-MS Maintenance

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Module 11 of the Complete GC & GC-MS and part 3 of The GC & GC-MS Clinic courses.

Course summary

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Experience level: Advanced
  • Course type: Universal, applicable to all instrumentation
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face via live video, with instrument parts & consumables to see & column trimming to perform
  • RSC CPD approval: Approved for CPD
  • Course venue: Online training | See individual dates
  • Onsite/offsite/online availability: Arrange this course just for you
  • On demand availability: Available
  • Scheduled course price: £180 + VAT per delegate
  • Course discount: RSC and CAMS members receive a discount on this course*

Course approval

Royal Society of Chemistry approved training logo

This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What will you learn on this course?

This module looks at the parts of the system requiring maintenance, the frequency and how to identify when maintenance is required, are covered in detail.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn about each part of the instrument requiring maintenance and why.
  • You will learn how frequently maintenance is required for each instrument part and consumable.
  • You will learn how to recognise when maintenance is required and why scheduled maintenance is much better than troubleshooting.

Who is this course for?

Before attending this course you should have a good knowledge of gas chromatography and the techniques covered in the Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS.

How does the virtual classroom training work?

You will be provided with a link to access the virtual classroom and the training course will be presented live at the scheduled time through video conferencing. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live course. If for any reason you miss the live broadcast, you will be provided with a one-time link to access a recording of the course and can submit any questions via email.

To gain the full knowledge of gas chromatography it is highly recommended to attend the full Complete GC & GC-MS course.

Course feedback

"Very useful insight in to what sort of thing to look for when maintenance required. Particularly consideration of carrier gases, we tend to focus mostly on source/column related issues but will definitely consider gasses more."  May 2022.

"Being able to hear from an expert in the field and see some practical examples. I was given a lot of base knowledge and loads of helpful tips that I would never have thought about."  Hollie Gillespie, QC Lab Analyst, NextGEN360 (May 2020).

Additional feedback from attendees of our face-to-face classroom course:

"A lot of practical information providing good starting points. [Instructor] very knowledgeable about all aspects. Very helpful, upbeat, and friendly."

"All the maintenance required and learning lots about different inlets/liners that I didn't know previously."