Virtual Classroom Training: Practical Essentials of Sampling & Sample Preparation Techniques for GC & GC-MS

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Module 8 of the Complete GC & GC-MS and the Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS courses.

Course summary

Course approval

Course approval

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This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What will you learn on this course?

This module covers sampling techniques, where a whole range of sampling, sample preparation techniques and autosamplers that can be coupled to a GC are covered in detail with application examples, including how to select the best technique based on the sample phase and analyte volatility.

Techniques explained include: thermal extraction techniques including thermal desorption (TD) and pyrolysis (Py); VOC analysis including static & dynamic headspace (SHS & DHS) and purge & trap (P&T); solid-phase extraction techniques including solid-phase extraction (SPE), solid-phase micro-extraction (SPME) and sorptive extraction techniques; liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) techniques; liquid autosamplers and derivatisation are also discussed.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn how to select the most suitable technique(s) for your application.
  • You will learn the different sampling techniques and their parameters for GC analysis.

Who is this course for?

If you have limited GC experience, wish to learn more or would like to brush-up on your knowledge about this particular stage of the sample analysis process then this is the module for you.

How does the virtual classroom training work?

You will be provided with a link to access the virtual classroom and the training course will be presented live at the scheduled time through video conferencing. You will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live course. If for any reason you miss the live broadcast, you will be provided with a one-time link to access a recording of the course and can submit any questions via email.

To gain the full knowledge of gas chromatography it is highly recommended to attend the full Complete GC & GC-MS course.

Feedback from previous attendees of Virtual Classroom course

"It is great all about different sampling and sampling preparation techniques in a structured way. I particularly enjoy the part of solid-phase sampling techniques. Diane gave an overview of all the solid phase sampling techniques, also the theory behind and how to apply. Her rich knowledge and experience add to another layer of understanding of these techniques, especially in the Q&A session."  July 2020