Absolute Basics of MALDI-TOF

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Course summary

  • Duration: 1 day for face-to-face | Total of 6.5 hours for Virtual Classroom course
  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Course type: Universal, applicable to all instrumentation
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face OR online via live video, with instrument parts and consumables to see
  • Scheduled course venue: See venues
  • Online/onsite/in-house/offsite availability: Arrange this course just for you
  • On demand availability: Available
  • Scheduled course price: £385 + VAT
  • Course discount: RSC and CAMS members receive a discount on this course*

What will you learn on this course?

This is a perfect introduction for absolute beginners to MALDI and MALDI-TOF. The course will cover the what, why, where, when and how of MALDI-TOF.

  • What is MALDI-TOF?
  • How would you use it? How does it work and what is available?
  • Why would you use it? How would it help solve your problems and what answers could it give?
  • Where would you use it? What types of analytes and samples can you use it for?
  • When would you use it? Which applications to answer what questions?

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn about the different types of MALDI
  • You will understand the definitions of MALDI-TOF
  • You will learn about the principles and components of the mass spectrometer
  • You will learn the purpose and principles of data analysis
  • You will learn about different sample preparation techniques for MALDI-TOF
  • You will learn about a number of industries and their application of MALDI and MALDI-TOF

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners - those new to MALDI, MALDI-TOF or Mass Spectrometry.
  • Analysts or technicians looking for a refresher in these techniques.
  • Lab managers and line managers - those who are responsible for the instruments or the analysts using them.
  • Data analysts and report writers - technical specialists who aren't using the instruments but are using data from them.
  • Service engineers and consultant engineers - those who look after or recommend the use of these instruments but don't have the chemistry background or chemistry viewpoint.
  • Those involved in the sales or marketing of these instruments, their consumables or their use for analysis - e.g. manufacturers, contract labs, media companies.

How to book this course

Feedback from previous attendees of Virtual Classroom course

"The presenter was super knowledgeable. [Most useful topic:] The top tips for preparing a plate."  Sarah Hutchison, Team Leader, Scottish Water (July 2022).

"I enjoyed the show and tell aspects to explain some parts further and in practical terms; content was right level for absolute basics. The How MALDI-TOF works section was very interesting and forms a great foundation.  July 2022.

"The many notes on the presentation. The videos and that the instructor showed the compartments on the live-stream."  July 2022.