Applied Method Validation

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Course summary

  • Duration: 1 day for face-to-face | Total of 6.5 hours for Virtual Classroom course
  • Experience level: Intermediate
  • Course type: Universal, applicable to all instrumentation and disciplines
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face OR online via live video, with practical exercises
  • Scheduled course venue: The Open University | Other venues | Virtual Classroom
  • Online/onsite/in-house/offsite availability: Arrange this course just for you
  • On demand availability: Available
  • Scheduled course price: £405 + VAT per delegate
  • Course discount: RSC and CAMS members receive a discount on this course*

What will you learn on this course?

This course engenders a holistic approach to method validation, applicable to all techniques, from start (initial planning) to finish (on-going tracking of performance statistics), including explanations of each important facet, initial data reduction, design of control charts plus on-going monitoring and appraisal.

You will have a chance to apply the knowledge learned through practical exercises. The first practical covers method development and will strengthen the thought processes required to build a fundamental robust method. You will consider the five main areas of a method: Sampling and Sample Introduction which has eleven variables to consider, the GC Inlet which has seven variables, the GC Oven which has eight variables, the GC Detector which has nine variables and Data Analysis which has four variables.

The second practical covers using previously acquired data to design a brand-new Shewhart control chart. You will calculate the Mean, SD, % RSD, % Bias and % Expanded Uncertainty and use conditional formatting to ensure 2s & 3s breaches and trends are automatically highlighted.

Learning outcomes

  • You will gain knowledge in method validation including planning, experimentation, optimisation and control.
  • You will learn about method performance and become conversant with many aids to future-proof your methods.
  • You will gain practical experience in the design of bullet-proof Analytical Quality Control (AQC) charts and become familiar with the statistics, formulae and conditional formatting therein.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at delegates with some knowledge of GC (or GC-MS) or LC (or LC-MS) and would like to learn more about method validation. Delegates requiring refresher training will also benefit. Whether you are a PhD student developing your research method or you work in a contract laboratory, you will benefit from attending this course!

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Feedback from previous attendees of Virtual Classroom course

"Applied method validation is more practical and useful in compare to other courses which I passed."  September 2020.

"Richard is very knowledgeable, ready to address all your questions and look for extra info on specific topics you might have."  June 2020.