Win a place on a Physical & Structural Properties of Molecules training course!

Win a place on a Physical & Structural Properties of Molecules Virtual Classroom course!

We're offering the chance to win a place on one of our Virtual Classroom courses covering techniques used for the determination of physical & structural properties of molecules !

About our Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Classroom courses give you a fully interactive experience with the instructor streamed live through a high definition video feed, a clear layout in one view and tools to interact with the trainer, to really get the most from the training.

Delegates can ask live questions at any time; either using their microphone, or type the question in to the either the chat or Q&A boxes.

The interactions area features a virtual whiteboard for drawings and explanations and for courses which contain practical exercises or software demonstrations, the screenshare area enables the trainer to share their screen to carry out these exercises live.

Feedback from our Virtual Classroom training courses

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and communicated in an accessible way."  Virtual Classroom Absolute Basics of Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA).

"The structure, being able to access the powerpoint, the presenter, having examples of the equipment to see."  Virtual Classroom Absolute Basics of GC & GC-MS.

"I chose this course to gain more knowledge about ICP-OES as well as ICP-MS. Because of situation we couldn't take part in stationary classes however I think lectures were interesting and clear, lecturer has a lot of knowledge and he explains well. Undoubtedly, useful for people using these techniques is wide knowledge which method when can use for any sample. But also important is to know how we should take care about equipment and Richard gives good advice, that can be useful for someone who learns how to work with these spectrometers."  Virtual Classroom Absolute Basics of ICP-OES & ICP-MS.

"The Adobe Connect is very clear and good to deliver online training in terms of the sound and seeing the instructor as well as viewing the content of the course material."  Virtual Classroom: Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS.

"Just to say that the Adobe Connect platform generally worked well, good to see the countdown timer for breaks, great to be able to ask questions in various ways, without interrupting the flow of the delivery (verbally, hand raising/typing etc)."  Virtual Classroom: Applied Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS).

"It was much more engaging. Seeing examples of parts of instruments was really useful and the interactive chromatogram troubleshooting was really useful."  Virtual Classroom: Applied GC & GC-MS Troubleshooting.

For a chance to win a place on a Physical & Structural Properties of Molecules Virtual Classroom course, enter the prize draw now.