1-day Hands-on HPLC & LC-MS Troubleshooting

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Course summary

What will you learn on this course?

This one day course combines learning how to go about troubleshooting HPLC and LC-MS instruments and what problems can occur, with real problem solving on the instruments and data analysis software. This course will cover troubleshooting the samples, mobile phase, pumps, autosampler, injector, column, tubing, HPLC detectors, MS and data system including leaks, tune problems, ion suppression, matrix effects, HPLC & LC-MS methods.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn the strategies for HPLC & LC-MS instrument troubleshooting
  • You will have practical experience of HPLC & LC-MS instrument troubleshooting

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for those who have knowledge of HPLC or LC-MS and beginners who have attended the Hands-on HPLC Theory, Methods & Maintenance or Hands-on LC-MS Theory, Methods & Maintenance courses and who wish to learn how to perform a logical and systematic search for the source of a problem on their instrument.

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