Practical Essentials of Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME)

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Module 4 of the Practical Essentials of Sample Preparation course.

Course summary

Course approval

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This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

What will you learn on this course?

This course is spent learning the theory behind Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME), how to modify samples to improve results, how to create SPME methods, analyse samples and the parameters which can be optimised.

This course will cover Headspace-SPME and Immersion-SPME, SPME phases, SPME instrumentation & set up, maintenance and troubleshooting. It will introduce related techniques like SBSE, SPE-TD and SPDE.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn about how to use SPME as an automated sample preparation technique for GC & GC-MS / HPLC & LC-MS in great detail
  • You will learn the fundamental theory of SPME
  • You will learn about the types of samples that can be analysed using SPME
  • You will learn about the various parameters that can be optimised for the technique to improve method robustness and sensitivity
  • You will learn about the individual steps and processes of SPME analysis
  • You will learn the frequent maintenance and common troubleshooting problems in SPME analysis
  • You will learn SPME tips and tricks
  • You will learn about the benefits of using SPME in the analysis of your samples

Who is this course for?

This course requires good knowledge of GC or GC-MS, HPLC or LC-MS. The course is applicable to both techniques.

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